RefreshingCanned Spritzers

Spirit & Wine base Cocktails in cans are taking shelves by storm. Uniwine is offering a seductive alternative to beer. The adult beverage leader has launched a series of products in its “Crafted Spritzer” line. The sleek 250 & 330ml. cans are available in the Five colourful flavours that consumers will love with an added kick of 8% to 15% vol. alcohol.

classicWine Cocktails -Gypsy

Uniwine now gives wine drinkers an all-new opportunity to celebrate with wine base crafted cocktails in a more convenient and portable cans. The exciting new concept in wine adds a touch of summer to any season and lets people take wine many places where it couldn’t go before.

amazingCanned Wines – Hippy

Canned wines are on the march as Cans are the perfect vessels for how we live, socialize, and entertain today. Uniwine is on a mission to free wine drinkers from rules, dinner tables, and bottle openers. We think good wine goes with everything. At Uniwine we wanted to show that you can put high-end wines in alternative packaging, and that they taste exactly same as they would come from a bottle.