Fuze Sauvignon Blanc

Fuze Sauvignon Blanc comes with Primary flavors of lemon and grass with high acidity and a simple light body. This is an excellent aromatic wine with extending notes of fresh herbs, citrus, and melon. Its subtle Acidity will surely dances across your tongue in the most enticing way.

Fuze Cabernet Sauvignon

Fuze Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine with dark fruit flavors and savory tastes from black pepper to bell pepper. Its tannic structure makes it the perfect wine to pair with fatty cuts of meat and lamb curries. This Cab is also paired well with a myriad of different cheeses. So Cheers!!

Fuze White Wine Sangria

Fuze Sparkling white wine Sangria is undoubtedly the drink of the summer season. We figured the best way to get bubbles into your beverage is bubbly Citrus Sangria. Fuze White wine sangria is light, refreshing, and an ideal drink for a hot summer day as the White wine lovers will surely enjoy the fresh citrus, apple, and other fruit flavors that are highlighted by the wine’s zippy acidity. Fuze white Sangria is a relatively low-alcohol drink, making it nice for daytime gatherings and summer parties.

Fuze Rosè Wine Sangria

Fuze Sparkling Rose’ wine Sangria is so light and refreshing, so filled with fruity, delicate flavor, that makes it an all-time favorite for everyone. Wine lovers will surely enjoy the fresh citrus, apple, berries and other fruit flavors that are highlighted by the wine’s zippy acidity. Fuze Rose’ Sangria is a relatively low-alcohol drink, which makes it a perfect drink for summer entertaining, be it a lazy afternoon or a pool party.

Fuze Sparkling White Wine

Fuze sparkling white wine is “So Fresh & So Clean”. This bubbly white Vino is citrusy and bright with a touch of delicate floral that balance out the green apple and lemon notes. Its awesome value creates a praised, value-driven sparkling wine with the convenience of enjoying it in a CAN that can be enjoyed all along in a pool party or having a long Romantic walk on the beach. C’mon, there are golf heroes celebrating these bubbles too!!!

Fuze Rosè Wine

From its pretty pink hue to its refreshing taste on a warm summer day, rosé has become the most sought after summer wine over the last several years, and it shows no signs of fading. Fuze Rose’ comes with brighter and crisper tasting notes extending to fruit and flowers mixed together and then filtered out to perfection. Normally a Rose’ is lighter than the average Red wine and has been deemed as summer water. Fuze Rosé’s flavor profile is fresh and fruity and you can expect flavors of Red fruits like strawberries, cherries, and raspberries rapped together to perfection for your all time summer Drink. Fuze canned Rose’ fits well for the millennial generations who are always on the Go…

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