About Us

Uniwine was founded on the idea to free wine Drinkers from the Rules and offering a wine lover an everlasting summer state of mind. We believe that good wine should never be taken too seriously, and that it should be best enjoyed with friends.

Obsessed with the creativity one could do with wines and spirits, we noticed a distinct void in the market for a high quality, portable beverage that consumers could enjoy in traditional “Beer Moments” so having this backdrop in mind we’ve crafted a variety of spritzers and wine cocktails along with some wonderful canned wines, that are fun, fruit-forward with amazing full-on flavour.

So, take a break from everyday adulting and bring something new and innovative on the table that have something for everyone. So here we are, we’re charging ahead to carve out our place in the global beverage industry.

- RAJIV SETH -Our Co-Founder & CEO

Rajiv Seth is a well-known wine figure in Indian wine industry. Over the years, he has written various trade journals and articles which are regularly published on various wine websites and wine magazines. Rajiv’s contributions as the chair of Oenology committee of Indian Grape Processing Board are well known as he was a key figure in the expert penal of wine standard committee of the board.

Everything that inspired us is guided by a fundamental principle:
To bring something new and innovative on the table.

Our Vision

we createQuality drinks for the people to enjoy life

Uniwine blended the idea of craft winemaking with the format of the moment: The Can. At Uniwine we believe that wine is one of life’s simple pleasures and we strive hard to ensure that the experience of enjoying a great wine should never be lost in the cumbersome traditional rules so we set out to 

challenge the notion that wine in a CAN is of a lesser quality than wine in a bottle. The result is our Fantastic wines that are hand-crafted, direct-press with a great palate and a taste for adventure.

Come and taste all that the winery has to offer