Post Pandemic emerging trends in Alcobev Sector

Post Pandemic Alcohol sector trends have shifted significantly in the past two years. The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the Alcobev sector in many ways, however there are two main significant trends which will affect the industry in years to come. So what are these trends? Undoubtedly, some trends born by this extraordinary event will inevitably fade with the virus itself. But there are some which are here to stay for a long time and may stick for forever.

As world and its economy recover from a once-in-a-century crisis, it’s tough to predict even the immediate future, given the unusual nature of the pandemic. Our modern world has never experienced anything like Covid-19; probably after Phylloxera (the great blight of late 19th century) this is the only event that will reshape the Alcobev sector once again. Nevertheless, we have identified two trends that will likely to reshape the industry in the immediate and long term future.

E-commerce: Restructuring the Distribution Channels

The most dominant alcohol trend from Covid-19 is E- commerce. As consumers were restrained at home, many people discovered for the first time that they could order alcohol online as governments across the globe were forced to bring out this change in their policies in order to save their falling revenues, as alcohol alone is the major contributor to exchequers in many countries.

Not only the industry players but governments across the board needed to bring the change overnight, Says some experts. Currently, Governments across the world are realizing that E-commerce is not just about surviving the pandemic: it’s a long-term policy change to help survive the sector. “For Distribution in this digital era, E-commerce is an effective channel for growth and profitability says some experts. Another reason for E-commerce surge for distribution in post-Covid atmosphere is “convenience”.

“There’s a comfort level established now for consumers to purchase wine online and have virtual experiences,” says Sara Moll, founder and CEO of Vin Social, which provides wine education and digital brand platforms.

Canned Wines, RTDs and Seltzers: Exploding of convenience Factor

One Covid trend that will emerge stronger post Covid is boom in Ready-to-Drink RTD beverages. Somehow people are keen to explore low alcohol conveniently packed RTDs these days as most brands that are launched during last two years are innovative and made with natural ingredients. Two things that click most people are the RTD’s low alcoholic content which is appealing to the millennial and secondly RTD’s trendy packaging which suits more while socializing. Arguably, the lower alcoholic content of RTD’s scores better for health reasons.

“RTDs are all about convenience and on-the-go,” says Rajiv Seth, founder and CEO of Uniwine brands, which is all set to launch a bunch of RTD’s in December 2021, with brands like FUZE for canned varietal wines. Uniwine is the first company to venture in canning Varietal wines as most players who launched canned wines in India have launched cheap quality table wines only. Uniwine is also launching some flavors of Seltzers, all packed in trendy and attractive cans. Along with the Seltzers Uniwine will launch Hopped wines for the first time in Indian Markets, says Rajiv Seth, with lot of enthusiasm. Perhaps if these brands make inroads in Indian market the wine industry in India will get a big boost with Set’s efforts. Before the pandemic canned RTD’s meant canned beer only but entrepreneur like Rajiv Seth have changed this perception significantly. Surely, during Covid-19, people learned that there is even more variety available in convenient packaging.

“RTDs are the fastest-growing segment in beverage industry as during the pandemic, everyone was at home looking for new things to try. Surely, post pandemic RTD category will see an even bigger boom because of the momentum this category already has.” So Cheers!!! Get ready to welcome an all new era full of canned beverages.

About Author: Mahima Sethi is a wine journalist & enthusiast based in New Delhi. She regularly writes about Wine while pursuing her Masters in HR. Lately, she has been regularly featuring wine reviews, producer profiles, tastings, wine photography and loves to reports from the road.

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